Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dear Teachers, Parents and Clever Thinkers:

Later this week, summer will turn to fall and it's time for our once-in-awhile; whenever-we-have-some-time; never-regular newsletter and special freebies, trivia and more.

For those of us of a certain age, we cherish the haunting lyrics of Marilyn and Alan Bergman and the music of Michel Legrand, especially in the title song from the movie Summer of '42.

The summer knows, the summer's wise
She sees the doubts within your eyes
And if you've learned your lesson well
There's little more for her to tell
One last caress, it's time to dress for fall

The three of us really love this song and the feelings it evokes in us. We like the coolness in the air and the colors of the season. One of us lives in a sea of Thanksgiving colors all-year round.

As it is time for you to dress for fall, we would so appreciate it if you would check out our website at We will have some new freebies up for you to use in your classroom with our compliments very soon.

And yes, we have lowered the price on our fall book to $19.95. You will find it on Amazon and a bunch of other places too.

You might also enjoy one of our other books or some of our full-color digital products which you can find at our store on TeachersPayTeachers.
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Happy fall!


Gary Carnow, Beverly Ellman and Joyce Koff
Clever Thinkers


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